Take your time for yourself

Haven’t posted much on my blog recently because, well there is no concrete reason why, I just had “too much stuff” in my life. Even tough I really don’t like to have excuses, especially for this blog, which I created because I enjoy cooking and sharing recipe, but I really didn’t want to post blog… Continue reading Take your time for yourself


Coconut Flourless Pancakes

Morning everyone! Where have I been? Oh well, things get in your way from time to time and these were some of those days or weeks. I was basically working everyday, also some days all day for the last two weeks. Why? Well firstly I need the money and secondly well, no I just needed… Continue reading Coconut Flourless Pancakes

Travel recaps

Backwaters – a hidden treasure of India

My travel recaps are not completely over yet, I just had a smaller ‘pause’? I still wanted to share the last part of our journey in India as it was the peak of it – the wedding. But first a stop in Alleppey –  a must visit in South India where the famous Backwaters lie!… Continue reading Backwaters – a hidden treasure of India

Travel recaps

32K memorial walk around Ljubljana

9th of May – the day when World Word II ended. Yesterday we marked a 70 year anniversary. On one side if I think about it 70 years really isn’t a lot, 70 years ago things that we thought won’t happen again – after the WWI – happened and sadly are still happening in the world.… Continue reading 32K memorial walk around Ljubljana

Breakfast · Snacks

Homemade Granola

If you still don’t know I love oats. Don’t know why but it is so simple to make them really good, they are healthy and I can eat them every day. Once in a while I try to shake up my breakfasts just for the sake of change. Change is good right? But I don’t want… Continue reading Homemade Granola


Hello March, Hello Spring

Can’t really believe it’s already March. Everyone says it but the days are really just flying buy – well months are flying by. Working, library, gym, coffees with my friends, cooking and week goes by. I mean I don’t complain, my life is fine now – just have to write up that thesis tough so I… Continue reading Hello March, Hello Spring


Weekly Inspiration…

My usual day is never complete if I don’t check my Pinterest page and my Instagram – well it’s not so bad but honestly I do check them daily and look for some inspiration. Wanted to share some of it with you… Blogilates