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Homemade Granola

If you still don’t know I love oats. Don’t know why but it is so simple to make them really good, they are healthy and I can eat them every day. Once in a while I try to shake up my breakfasts just for the sake of change. Change is good right? But I don’t want… Continue reading Homemade Granola


Hello March, Hello Spring

Can’t really believe it’s already March. Everyone says it but the days are really just flying buy – well months are flying by. Working, library, gym, coffees with my friends, cooking and week goes by. I mean I don’t complain, my life is fine now – just have to write up that thesis tough so I… Continue reading Hello March, Hello Spring

Breakfast · Snacks

Cinnamon Apple Bars and Homemade Almond Milk

Almond milk has been quite on the popular side for a while now and I can understand why! It has a nice foamy texture, doesn’t have any lactose and not connected to soybeans that everyone is scared off somehow. Even more it is packed with healthy fats like omega 3, protein and fiber.

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Valentines Day – How can I miss that?

It’s that day of the year, when every store is prepped with hearts, dressed in red and just screaming out loud at you that you must buy something. Some people really ‘hate’ Valentines day, because it is just another marketing thing, when people just buy things because they are somehow obliged. I get and agree with the opinion… Continue reading Valentines Day – How can I miss that?


Positive vibes where are you?

It’s been a long week, in a way successful week but a long one. When I decided to set up this blog it was genuinely for me and my thoughts – that includes sharing recipes of course but also maybe some things that are passing my mind. I try to be a positive person most of… Continue reading Positive vibes where are you?