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Homemade Spelt Tortilla Chips with Apple-Pear Sauce

Yes I know you eat your tortilla chips with some guacamole and Pico de Gallo of course. Ok even better/worse you eat it with your nacho cheese. You don’t this time. Advertisements


Spelt bread with walnuts and figs

Today I wanted to share with you a recipe that I’ve been using the past year. I rarely eat bread but if I do then it’s home baked. These Cottage Cheese Spelt Buns are always a success but if I want a bigger loaf then this recipe is perfect.

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Creamy Zucchini Soup

What to do when you have a full fridge of veggies and you know they will go bad if you don’t eat them? Make a soup! I love cooking soups, they are so easy and fill you up! Unfortunately because I eat my lunches at work where I don’t have a microwave to heat up my… Continue reading Creamy Zucchini Soup

Lunch and Dinner

Wild Garlic Pesto

Hurray finally a recipe came to my blog again 🙂 I’ve been super busy lately, but this week I was off work and finally had some time to play around and cook in the kitchen! Happy child! So I hope in the next days, and weeks a bit more recipes will come on the way… Continue reading Wild Garlic Pesto

Lunch and Dinner

Meal Prepping – why it makes your life easier?

I cook my own lunches to work and bring my snacks so I am ‘prepared’ when I get hungry. To me there is nothing worse than being hungry. At the beginning I cooked my meals one day ahead. That meant I was cooking basically every evening for my next day. Not a good idea! After… Continue reading Meal Prepping – why it makes your life easier?


Spelt and Cottage Cheese Buns

First of all yes I didn’t make a mistake with the title – the recipe is about spelt and cottage cheese buns. Second of all you’re going to love it.


Healthy Chocolate Cookies – yes they are yummy!

Thank you Chocolatecoveredkatie (really you don’t know her blog? – stop everything you’re doing and click), for sharing her recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies – healthy edition of course! No sugar, no eggs, no weird ingredients! And they are really, really yummy!