Take your time for yourself

Haven’t posted much on my blog recently because, well there is no concrete reason why, I just had “too much stuff” in my life. Even tough I really don’t like to have excuses, especially for this blog, which I created because I enjoy cooking and sharing recipe, but I really didn’t want to post blog… Continue reading Take your time for yourself


Coconut Flourless Pancakes

Morning everyone! Where have I been? Oh well, things get in your way from time to time and these were some of those days or weeks. I was basically working everyday, also some days all day for the last two weeks. Why? Well firstly I need the money and secondly well, no I just needed… Continue reading Coconut Flourless Pancakes

Snacks · Sweets

Homemade Spelt Tortilla Chips with Apple-Pear Sauce

Yes I know you eat your tortilla chips with some guacamole and Pico de Gallo of course. Ok even better/worse you eat it with your nacho cheese. You don’t this time.

Travel recaps

First Check In – Mumbai, India

Reactions when I told my friends that I was visiting India were mixed. From an absolute NO! to yeah amazing, you’re going to love it. Going to India wasn’t really on my to do list but after getting invited to a wedding ceremony we just couldn’t say no. We got our ticket at a really… Continue reading First Check In – Mumbai, India

Breakfast · Snacks

Homemade Granola

If you still don’t know I love oats. Don’t know why but it is so simple to make them really good, they are healthy and I can eat them every day. Once in a while I try to shake up my breakfasts just for the sake of change. Change is good right? But I don’t want… Continue reading Homemade Granola

Breakfast · Snacks · Sweets

Avocado – a good kind of fat

Oh these pictures are so true! First of all to ‘catch’ the perfect ripeness of an avocado is quite a task, second of all avocado is a great source of healthy fats that we should incorporate in our daily food.


Hello March, Hello Spring

Can’t really believe it’s already March. Everyone says it but the days are really just flying buy – well months are flying by. Working, library, gym, coffees with my friends, cooking and week goes by. I mean I don’t complain, my life is fine now – just have to write up that thesis tough so I… Continue reading Hello March, Hello Spring