• I am a foodie – I like food  – a lot!
  • I adore cooking – hence a food blog
  • I love coffee – every day!
  • I love sport – mostly fitness, hiking, enjoying my free time
  • My name? Anja

Why the name of the blog:

  • healthy
  • simple
  • clean

I started watching what I eat probably about two years ago. I was in France for 4 months, had to cook my meals and started preparing my healthy versions. I limited my sugar and refined carbs. So I mostly had healthy, simple and so called clean meals. I came back home and continued with cooking, trying new recipes and meal prepping. I just love doing that! I never imagined that my taste buds would change soo much and sugar was not a must anymore.

Last couple of months I started with a LowCarb HighFat kind of eating. I love it and will continue with it for some time probably.

The way someone is eating and enjoying their food is completely a choice of every individual. Vegan, plant based, paleo, vegetarian, clean eating, LCHF or any other lifestyle you have – have it, enjoy it and feel good about it. Your body, your mind, your decisions.

I think healthy – simple – clean still describes what I want to give to every reader that comes to my blog.

Healthy and simple ideas on how to cook, prepare meals eventough their life is probably hectic, without any free time to cook.

I am convinced every one of us can prepare healthy and simple meals in their every day life! Try it, it quickly becomes a habit!

Love, A.


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