Take your time for yourself


Haven’t posted much on my blog recently because, well there is no concrete reason why, I just had “too much stuff” in my life. Even tough I really don’t like to have excuses, especially for this blog, which I created because I enjoy cooking and sharing recipe, but I really didn’t want to post blog post just for the sake of it.

I am a bit more “active” and up-to-date on my Instagram, so if you aren’t following me, please do 😉

In the last month and a half, I’ve been working A LOT, I finally got a short contract at my job and well time flew by so fast…

I spend my weekends with my loved ones and every Sunday evening I think about what I should have cooked and prepared. I still meal prep for my lunches at work but I do it at a daily basis.

I started “experimenting” with my food and now I try not to eat sugar, flour – well any sort of carbs and stick to protein and more fats so I can have energy through the day. Honestly it has worked perfectly because, firstly I eat less frequently because my meals keep me full longer and second, I feel better, my mood isn’t switching from minute to minute and I don’t have that -to die for – hunger. You know when you are hungry and you need food NOW?! Well I haven’t got that feeling in a while now.

Anyway, I wanted to post something because I felt like it. In a week and a half I am going surfing – well learn to surf – to Fuerteventura (Canary islands) and I am excited to share the experience once I get back. I also have some ideas about the blog but until I get stuff together I’ll continue to post frequently on my Instagram.

I still wanted to share some of my meals and recipes I tried so here I go…

thumb_IMG_3187_1024 thumb_IMG_3663_1024 thumb_IMG_3627_1024 thumb_IMG_3646_1024 thumb_IMG_3438_1024 thumb_IMG_3393_1024 thumb_IMG_2335_1024 thumb_IMG_2275_1024

More to come…

Have a lovely day!

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