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Kerala – where you forget you’re in India

After seeing the hectic India we wanted some peace. We flew to Kerala, a country in the south of India where Ayurvedic treatments sprung. We got a really good deal in a huge green resort Thapovan Heritage Home, near the beach because it is not the season. It is a season of monsoons. We got here on Saturday morning and we settled in. A room right in front of the beach.

It’s hot and humid but I thought it will be worse. Our plan here is just to relax, eat good food and be spoiled a bit. The only downside of this gorgeous place – for me? It’s in the nature, that means a lot of small animals and mosquitos that you can’t really ‘control’. If you know me than you know that I can’t stand spiders, small weird animals or anything similar. I know, I went to India what was I thinking?! I got familiar with little spiders that jump! (Yup what can be worse than just a spider?) and we got a frequent visit in our bathroom from a pinky little lizard. Sounds cute ha? Well it wasn’t and everytime I opened the bathroom door I was terrified. But that’s just me.

Fresh food, delicious coconut and the sounds of waves all day did the trick to relax. This place is known for exceptional fish dishes! Finally! And a bit less rice was on our plate as we could choose our side dishes. Veggies please! Eventough the staff always asked if we wanted any rice? Nope, I’m good.


Of course with us it can’t go anything as planned. A huge two family visit came and they were put in the rooms just right next to us so our peace and quiet was quickly broken. But that lasted only one day. The second day we also woke up in a rainy monsoon morning but hey you can’t influence everything right?! Relax and enjoy!


If in Ayurvedic resort you have to have a bit of massage right? We reserved a 60 minutes body massage. It was with herbail oils massaged by hand to tone up the body and to improve the blood circulation. An interesting experience as I never had an ayurvedic massage before. They start with messaging your head with various oils and continue with your whole body.

On Monday afternoon we took an autorikshaw to Kovalam. Wanted to see a bit of the nearby city and maybe do some shopping. We walked by the beach and because it is not the season mostly everything was closed. People here are certainly more used to the tourists because they were not so much ‘pushy’ as in other cities. You could have a look and went on without a hassle. We stopped on our way back to buy some bananas. They are just too delicious here. They are cut and served to you as you would just cut it from the tree. Yes red bananas also grew here – first time seeing them. We took all three kinds and the little yellow ones were the best.

A stop by the spice shop and the day went by quickly. We actually realized that we are the only guests at the resort as the waiter called us and asked where we would like to have dinner? Upper or bottom restaurant?! Poor thing, waiting just for us to move ourselves to dinner.

On our last day finally some sun showed up in the morning. The monsoon hasn’t officially came yet (apparently it’s slow this year) and we were surprised that we could enjoy a sunny day. A morning stroll by the beach (the waves are unfortunatelly too high to have a swim), a relaxing breakfast on a terrace and a relaxed afternoon was a perfect end to a four day gateaway from the noisy India.



Next stop is Alleppey where the main attractions are the Backwaters. A must see thing here.

First aid:

  • If you have the opportunity, treat yourself in one of the hundreds resorts in South India
  • Always have a small flashlight or sth with you because at night nothing is lightened up – I’ve bumbed – literally – in a frog one evening (was not funny!)
  • They still get us with prices everywhere we go! Bargaining is a must!
  • Kerala food is just a must!
  • Walking around only in your bikinis is not really a thing here in India (maybe only in Goa) as women do swim in their clothes. So have a shirt or a cover up ready



4 thoughts on “Kerala – where you forget you’re in India

  1. Haha that little pink lizard sounds cute 🙂 but I totally get that the whole concept of creepy crawly things in India is generally terrifying! Lovely beach pics, it looks like a super relaxing time

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They soundcute and a lot of people like them 🙂 but for me they are too fast 😉 the south of India is just a must see to relax a bit!


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