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A Green City Bangalore

I wanted to update the blog a bit more frequently but it got a bit difficult as I mostly took my photos with my camera and I didn’t have a proper cable to transfer them to my ipad. Smart ha?

We are back now, already one week home and I still wanted to share some posts about our travel because I already wrote the posts while traveling. Nevertheless I tried to update on a regular basis through my instagram here or you can find me @healthy_simple_clean 

A view from a rooftop restaurant in Bangalore

After Mumbai we flew to Bangalore. We decided to go with a plane because the domestic flights are really cheap. We could have taken the train but it lasts at least 20 hours. We flew with GoAir and it was a 1 hour 40 minutes travel.   

Right away we got the feeling that we are in a bit different city than Mumbai. It ‘only’ has 8,5 million habitants and the drive from the airport revealed quite a green city. We had the luck to stay at our friends house whose wedding reception we attended later on.  It’s always nice to have a familiar person in the city because then the logistics are much easier. One of the best things? Trying out homemade indian food – yum!  On Tuesday we got a chance to look at the Bangalore palace eventough we couldn’t get in. We had a walk in Cubbon park. It’s a really huge green park in the city where you forget that it is actually summer and hot. 

A Glimpse of the Bangalore palace
A Glimpse of the Bangalore palace

Bangalore’s heat is different from Mumbai. It’s less humid so 35 Degrees was ok – at least for me. We went for a lunch to an Afghan restaurant where they have the best Mutton (lamb) Biryani. The taste of the food here is just uncomparable to back home, so much different flavors I just can’t describe or even associate with anything else.  We had the opportunity to visit an architect’s office here in Bangalore and in the evening we went to a micro brewery – A Biere Club. Eventough it was Tuesday the place was quite full. 

Next day we had a walk through the IIMB (Indian Institute of Management) campus here in Bangalore that is one of the hardest schools to get in. The campus is marvellous because the combination of greens, concrete and stones give it a bit Mediterranean feeling in the middle of a huge city. 

One hour south of Bangalore there is a Bannerghatta biological park where you can go on a ‘safari’ kind of a trip. It’s not a real safari but you have a ride through the park in a bus. They have a lion, bear, tiger and mufflon safari. The tigers were the most fascinating as they have two marvellous white tigers! And you don’t really get a chance to see this gorgeous animal poop do you? It was a funny moment but nevertheless he is just amazing. After that we walked through their Zoo – yes can’t believe it another zoo, this one was definately much better than the one in Mumbai.    

Green City Bangalore - Healthy, simple, clean
Whoops wrong time to catch a photo – poor thing can’t even have its privacy…


Lunch was thali and some roasted chicken that were served on a banana leaf. This is a quite common dish in south India, where you get unlimited amount of rice and side sauces for a really low price. 

A walk through the botanical garden and there we were on the MG Road in Banaglore. It is supposed to be one of the bussiest roads and where all the shopping is. The traffic here is just crazy. I got used to it a bit but it is still fascinating everytime I watch it pass by me.


Green City Bangalore - Healthy, Simple, Clean
That can be a way to a safe wired electricity, right?

In the evening we went for a dinner at a Lebanese restaurant Mangoo tree where the terrace on top makes you forget you are in Bangalore. It has a summerish feeling and with a snack of hummus and some pita bread you are good to go. 


Last day in Bangalore was spend in a bit relaxed mode. We booked a plane on Saturday to fly to Kerala, a country south of India, so we coudn’t make any changes with leaving early. In the evening we went for a couple of drinks and on one side, thank God the bars close at 1am if not our 4 hours of sleep would probably turn to zero. 

First and only accident we saw in India – you would think differently if you would see how they drive

Next destination: Mysore

First aid tips: 

  • Smoking is not allowed on the streets of Bangalore
  • You can actually buy only one cigarette instead of the whole box
  • Mango lassi is just a must have! 
  • Crossing the streets in India is an achievement everyday
  • Stepped on a poo today – funny but sad haha 
  • Always have water with you! The prices are ok, 0,5 liter for 10 Rs (100 Rs = 0,7 €)



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