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Day two – relaxed Mumbai

We planned three days for Mumbai. It really isn’t the season to visit the city as it gets hot and humid during the day. Around 35 Degrees – real feel 42 Degrees and 80% humidity. Yes you feel like in a sauna all the time, but in sauna you are there for a reason. Here especially for women dressing up is a bit of a hassle. Long pants, shirts with short sleeves and maybe have a scarf in your bag. For now I am handling this quite ok, just have to get used to it.

The second day here, we took it really easy. Had a good night sleep, a huge breakfast and off we went to see the Gateway of India. A monument that was build to comemorate the visit of the King Goerge V and was finished in 1924. It’s a really turistic place. Near Gateway there is the Taj mahal hotel, built in 1903. We took a walk to the other side, to Nariman point and the end of Marina drive. Quite hot but we managed it somehow.

The Gateway of India


The Taj Mahal Hotel
A rare sign you see in Mumbai


All the trees are painted in the coclour of the india flag-upside down.
They are trying
Marina drive in the afternoon

High court in Mumbai

Decided to head back to the hotel because at 1pm of the heat you can’t do anything in the city. After an hour we went to eat something. Tripadvisor recommended us Britannia restaurant and their Chicken Berry pulav. Why not? The place is opened only until 4pm so we took a walk over there. It is crowded with people. There was a line to wait for the table but it goes really fast. We ordered Chicken berry pulav and Egg Biryani. A loot of rice with chicken, eggs and spicy sauces. Verry good!! The prices are ok, we discovered that Mumbai isn’t as cheap as the rest of the India should be, but ok, we somehow accepted that. Also in our first days we didn’t want to ‘take risks’ and eat whatever we saw – still being careful a bit. The owner of Britannia is a 92 year old man that walks around and talks to the customers. Friendly and funny as you can’t really understand anything!

 Again we hide in our hotel for a bit so the heat went down. In the evening we met a friend that helped us a lot here and went for a drive with her.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day as we are going on a tour of Dharavi – biggest slum in India. No pictures are allowed but I will do my best describing the whole tour.

Impressions of the day:

  • I still feel a bit uncomfortable walking down the street
  • I am wondering where all the women are during the day?
  • They do try to keep the city clean, as they swap the main streets regularly
  • Slowly getting used to spicy food

Sorry for low resolution photos but my iphone is a bit older and I don’t have the converter to load my pictures from my camera to my ipad. Going to try to do that as much as possible – until then this is the only way.



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