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32K memorial walk around Ljubljana

9th of May – the day when World Word II ended. Yesterday we marked a 70 year anniversary. On one side if I think about it 70 years really isn’t a lot, 70 years ago things that we thought won’t happen again – after the WWI – happened and sadly are still happening in the world. Nevertheless I don’t want to fill this post with sad thoughts and negativity, but we still have to be aware of the history.


Every year around this time a memorial walk is made around Ljubljana – Path of Remembrance and Comradeship (Pot spominov in tovarištva), also called Path Along the wire (Pot ob Žici). It is a 32,5 km long recreational and memorial walkway around the city of Ljubljana, capital of my country Slovenia. This is a memorial to the actions during the war, when the city was annexed by the Fascist and a barbed wired fence was installed  around the city to prevent the communication between different activists in the war.

This year is my second year walking the whole path. I wanted to gather my thoughts and share some tips if you are planning to go on a similar walk anywhere basically.


It’s a long walk definitely, but I think it is worth it. We gathered a bit before 8am. We were 10 – 10 girls, that knew and didn’t knew each other. There are 8 checkpoints and you have to go the whole circle to get your stamps. First tip: start early – I think that around 7am is the best time to start. You have to finish before 5pm.

We started in Nove Jarše (check point 4) and went in the direction of Golovec. In my opinion this is a perfect way because you get through the hill first thing in the morning and have the other parts that are flat for the rest of the day. Second tip: start with the toughest hill/way in the beginning because at the end you will be tired.

We walked for about 2 hours then we had our first pause. We sat down, stretched and had a snack. Some coffee, sandwiches, fruit are a good choice! You have to fuel up your body. Third tip: have you snacks and water with you. Don’t rely on: “Oh I’ll just buy something on the way!” Better safe than sorry 🙂


We continued our way and enjoyed our time together. The good thing of having so many people together is that you can “switch” when talking. Think about it, it is around 8 hours of walking – do not do that with just one person. 😉



Our next stop was around 1pm at Koseze. A perfect stop near a big pond, where you can eat your lunch/snack have some refreshments and refuel with energy. At this point we were around 22km – 10 more to go.

thumb_IMG_2291_1024 thumb_IMG_2140_1024

From this point on it was quite easy – well a bit easier. Fourth tip: bring some additional shoes or flip flops with you. After 20km your feet will be tired and even tough you have perfect comfortable shoes there is a high chance you’ll get blisters, you will be uncomfortable and you need to change up your shoes. You can either have flip flops or sandals, another pair of sneakers or anything comfy. Surprisingly this year I managed to walk the entire 32 km in my puma sneakers! So hurray for that! No blisters either! I used my flip-flops the first thing when we got to the car tough. Fifth tip: bring patches, bandages or anything that will ease your blisters if you get them.

We stopped a bit before our last 4-5km at a park where we stretched a bit and fuelled ourselves with sunshine and laughter.

thumb_IMG_2195_1024 thumb_IMG_2187_1024 thumb_IMG_2180_1024


Last stop: 4:35pm. Total time: 8hours and 30 minutes. Not so bad as we did make 2-3 stops long about 1 hour each! But I still recommend doing them as our goal wasn’t how fast we will walk but that we enjoy our time together.



After that, a beer, lemonade and some chatting was a must.


Last tip: stretch and eat! Proteins, carbs and some BCAA are probably a must after and during this kind of walk. Have a warm bath, massage your muscles and use some gel to heat up and heal your muscles. Relax!

thumb_IMG_2185_1024 thumb_IMG_2181_1024

I recommend this to everyone at least once if they live in Ljubljana. You see some parts of the city you probably haven’t seen them, meet some nice people and do something for your body. Just follow some of my tips, have fun and enjoy!




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