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Berlin – Foodie Paradise: Part II

Part II is here! Berlin II Wanted to point out some nice cafes and food shops in Berlin. They are just a glimpse of what you can find in the city. Also shared some of my photos of the city with its great monuments, buildings and parks. The thing that I liked the most is that Berlin is divided in neighbourhoods and each neighbourhood is a place of its own. Wherever you live, you can stay in that neighbourhood and have everything you need in hand. You don’t really need to transfer and commute to the city ‘centre’. Perfect! Nevertheless if you have to go somewhere, their public transport is working so freaking good it’s insane!

Anyway, here are some stores and cafe I had a chance to visit when strolling around the city.

Ritter sport store

Anyone who loves chocolate probably knows Ritter sport chocolate. I was happy as a small child when I found out that there is a whole store dedicated to these amazing pieces of chocolate. I don’t know I just like them. It’s in the centre, close to Friedrich Strasse  and you can buy a ton of different flavours, make your own chocolate or drink and eat chocolate desserts in their cafe. Definitely worth of visit if you are nearby. DSCN6162 Cafe Wunderlich 

A small downside of Berlin is finding a free Wifi. Yes, I know, we don’t need it all the time, but if you don’t have it at home (and we didn’t have it at the apartment) then it’s really nice to find a cafe or a bar with access to wifi. Well that was harder than I thought. I was staying in the area of Prenzlauer Berg. A nice, quiet area on the East side. I needed a good hour or so to find a really nice coffee place, where they served perfect coffee and had a free wifi. Definitely stop here if you are in the neighbourhood. The waiter is also the owner, they have a vintage coffee machine that is handled manually. The foam of the coffee is perfect – and I am really picky when it comes to coffee. The prices of coffee are more or less the same wherever you go, ranging from 1,50€ for espresso to 2.5€ for cafe latte. The cafe also has breakfasts made on spot and cakes that looked amazing. IMG_0600 Bäckerei und Konditorei Siebert

You have Backerei or bakeries on every corner of the city. They smell amazing and the pastries just look perfect. In Prenzlauer Berg there is a bakery with a hundred year old tradition. It is so small that there can only be 2 people at the same time inside, but the pastries and bread are heavenly. I had a bit of luck when I went there for the first time. Not so crowded and the line was quite short. I didn’t know what to choose so I quickly bought eclairs, apple crumble pie and a big pretzel filled with vanilla cream with chocolate on top. Can I say that these were probably the best bakery goods I had in a while? Next time we went there we bought onion bread – perfection. The only downside? Don’t go there on Saturday morning because the line is huge, similar to that at Mustafa’s Kebap. You’ll probably have to wait for around 30 minutes minimum. So choose the time carefully! The prices are really good and cheap. bakery Spreegold Cafe

Walking through Berlin I was amazed by so many cute, vintage, amazing bars and cafes where I could just enjoy my everyday coffee. I miss that here in Ljubljana. Berlin is a ‘paradise’ for discovering new place on every corner of the city. Really close to our home, there is Spreegold Cafe. They serve everything from lunches, brunches and drinks of every kind. We needed some vitamin boost and some Vitamin D after the New Years Eve so we went there, sat on their terrace and I ordered some Vitaminpower Smoothie. The prices are ok, maybe a bit overpriced but the place is always packed with people which means fresh food and drinks. They made this smoothie from scratch and was lovely. IMG_0988 Kochhaus

Kochhaus is an amazing idea of a shop which I liked from the first time entering the place. Every week they prepare recipes for the entire ‘course’ of meal. Appetisers, main dishes, desserts in different variations. What’s the catch? They place all the needed ingredients for the recipe on one table with all the prepared and measured ingredients. They calculate the price per person and print out the recipe so you have it at hand. You have everything in one place. You just have to choose the recipe, look at the price per person and grab the ingredients (that are carefully packed just in the amount you need for the recipe). Easy and simple. Besides that they have regular cooking classes for different cuisines. They also sell cook books, kitchen appliances and fine food products you will love. It was one of my favourite food store to find in Berlin. kochhaus The Digital Eatery – Microsoft Cafe

Remember that I already said that finding a Wifi is an accomplishment in Berlin? Well another suggestion where wifi is available is The Digital Eatery Cafe. I found it in the Lonely Planet and they said it was from Microsoft, a cafe with free wifi, perfect for students, entrepreneurs and those who want to try their new devices as they are placed all over the cafe. The staff is incredibly friendly, students have a discount and the place is really comfy. I also ordered my lunch and coffee there and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Free wifi was just a plus here. It is located close to Brandenburger Tor so give it a try if you are near and in need of a good coffee place and food refuel. microsoft

Eating healthy at least for my breakfast is a must when traveling


Welcome Berlin!
Welcome to Berlin!


Spring in its full blossom
Spring in its full blossom
Brandenburger Tor – a classic
Berliner Dom
Berliner Dom
Berliner Fernsehturm and Rothaus
Finally some colors and spring time
Perfect bike lanes all over the city
Mies Van der Rohe – Neue Nationalgalerie. Currently closed because of renovations
Main Railway station
East Side Gallery
East Side Gallery
Flowers are calling for spring time
Alexander platz
Near Checkpoint Charlie
Sunny days are perfect for wandering around
Badeschiff Berlin – a must when the weather is nice!
The city is perfect for biking. Rent one if you have a chance
Schloss Charlottenburg Palace
Huge parks everywhere
Strolling down the Tempelhof lane! Old airport rearranged into a park
You can circle how whole airport with your bike, walking, running or skating. Choose your way!
Even little gardening places are arranged in the park
Just chilling
Farewell Berlin – until next time!

That rounds up my thoughts, pics and foodie experiences in Berlin!

Next destination: India!



10 thoughts on “Berlin – Foodie Paradise: Part II

  1. You are absolutely making the most of Berlin. I’ve been in the city dozens of times and I can always find something new and amazing to do. Berlin is so vibrant and different from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, it’s a whole new experience every time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tnx! I loved Berlin both times I was there altough the weather can be a hassle 🙂 but as u said always sth new to discover in the city.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, you shouldn’t think about the weather when visiting Berlin. We don’t have much good weather here in Germany 😀


      2. 😀 haha well yeah that can be a problem, still loved it and the second time the weather was much better!

        Liked by 1 person

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