Travel recaps

Dharavi Slum in Mumbai 

Third day passed and it was nothing less than eye opening. We reserved a tour with the Reality Tours and travel, that take you to Dharavi slum – one of the Asia’s largest slum. It is difficult to see that on your own that is why we decided to go with Reality tours as they… Continue reading Dharavi Slum in Mumbai 

Travel recaps

Day two – relaxed Mumbai

We planned three days for Mumbai. It really isn’t the season to visit the city as it gets hot and humid during the day. Around 35 Degrees – real feel 42 Degrees and 80% humidity. Yes you feel like in a sauna all the time, but in sauna you are there for a reason. Here… Continue reading Day two – relaxed Mumbai

Travel recaps

First Check In – Mumbai, India

Reactions when I told my friends that I was visiting India were mixed. From an absolute NO! to yeah amazing, you’re going to love it. Going to India wasn’t really on my to do list but after getting invited to a wedding ceremony we just couldn’t say no. We got our ticket at a really… Continue reading First Check In – Mumbai, India


Fudgy Chocolate Brownie

I am on a plane flying to India, where I will be the next 3 weeks, but I still wanted to write some recipes that I will share with you when I will be traveling. Beside that I will try to update you with my adventures in India as much as possible – food and… Continue reading Fudgy Chocolate Brownie


Spelt bread with walnuts and figs

Today I wanted to share with you a recipe that I’ve been using the past year. I rarely eat bread but if I do then it’s home baked. These Cottage Cheese Spelt Buns are always a success but if I want a bigger loaf then this recipe is perfect.

Travel recaps

32K memorial walk around Ljubljana

9th of May – the day when World Word II ended. Yesterday we marked a 70 year anniversary. On one side if I think about it 70 years really isn’t a lot, 70 years ago things that we thought won’t happen again – after the WWI – happened and sadly are still happening in the world.… Continue reading 32K memorial walk around Ljubljana


Insta Spring Round up

It’s already May! Ok, I know it’s already 8th of May but! I decided to do a little April round up of my moments – well mostly Instagram moments. If you aren’t following me on Instagram, I post daily also other recipes that I come up with because it is a tiny bit easier to… Continue reading Insta Spring Round up