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Berlin – Foodie Paradise: Part I

Berlin I

I decided to make a different post today. Still food related but includes my recent visits to Berlin. Yes visits as I was there 2 times in last 4 months. In December and now in April for Easter. The positive part of long distance relationship is definitely visiting new cities. Berlin is a perfect city for everyone, because you can really find everything you think of. Numerous restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs open day and night, parks and shopping.

First recommendation that I would have is to visit the city in spring, summer or autumn. I was there in December for Christmas and New Year and it was really nice with all the Christmas markets and decorations but! the weather, well that’s a different story. It’s cold, windy and again cold. Definitely a better choice is late spring or summer because the weather is nicer and the city has parks and picnic places on every corner that are just calling you to chill and relax.

This was my ‘gear’ the whole time in December – scarf, hat and a big jacket. All day, every day.

We tried to go to as many different places as possible, eventually a lot of Asian food and burgers were on our list.

I decided to write some reviews of places we ate, so if you end up in Berlin you’ll have some food choices to choose from. I divided this in two parts just to make everything easier. In this there are more Asian restaurant and burger choices and lastly some short and basic shopping places to visit.

Not so much of healthy choices but oh well, we all indulge a bit when we are on holidays right? My advice when traveling and eating healthy is that I always try to have my usual breakfast and healthy snacks because I know that I won’t have the chance to ‘control’ all of my meals in a day.

 Typical fast food – Curry Wurst – Curry Mitte

When visiting Berlin, they say you have to try their Curry Wurst, and we did try it. It was in Curry Mitte and not Curry 36 as a lot of people are recommending. I think that it is quite similar almost anywhere you have it. Not so bad but honestly nothing special. The price is good (3-4 €), you can also choose a drink (beer or soda) and the portion as you can see is quite big.


Madami Mom’s Vietnamese Kitchen 

We went on lunch in this Vietnamese restaurant on a rainy day, when we were already quite hungry. Yelp ‘helped’ us out and we ended up in Madami Mom’s Vietnamese Kitchen. It was lunch time so they had reduced price meals. The service was ok, even tough they forgot to bring us our Spring rolls. The price was excellent, ranging from 5-7 € for a meal. I liked the food and the atmosphere and all in all would go there once more if I would have a chance. Perfect for lunch break if you are close to the Alexander Platz.


Sushi – Omoni

I really craved some sushi and again Yelp helped us with finding a really good Sushi place. Berlin is a huge city and finding a nice restaurant is not really hard but still finding a good restaurant for certain type of food can be a challenge and when eating sushi you really don’t want to eat a bad sushi. We found this sushi place really close to our home and reviews were really good. The first thing is, when looking for this place, look carefully. It doesn’t have any sign outside, just a small one on the window that says Omoni. It seems really small, but when you enter the place it somehow expands into a nice restaurant with rustic interior. The second thing is, make a reservation in advance if possible. We went there the first night and everything was booked, so we tried again the second night and got a table. Do try their teas, because they are lovely. I got the ginger one and it was perfect with fresh ginger grated inside. We ordered a mix of plates and everything was nicely served and fresh. Couldn’t ask for more. The prices aren’t too bad, as we paid around 30€ for our dinner.


Persian restaurant – Persepolis 

Shopping in Charlottenburg area got us tired and we were craving some meat. Initially we wanted to go to Dolores burrito but decided to try something else. We found this Persian restaurant. At first we were a bit sceptic, because it was quite empty but we decided to give it a go and were not disappointed. The service was really nice, we saw that a lot of locals were there and the food was fresh and tasty. For appetizers we ordered Masto Musir (Yogurt sauce with garlic) and for main dish we took one Mini Kabab and Nane Dagh Kabab (a bigger portion of my Mini Kebab). Really liked their Tandoor bread – yummy!


Mustafa’s Gemuese Kebap

If you are going to Berlin, well then you have to try Kebap. We have those in Slovenia too but when I tried them in Berlin they were just different, especially the bread, the seasoning – everything was yum! I normally don’t eat this kind of food but I gave it a try here. Everyone says that the Mustafa’s Gemuese Kebap is the best in Berlin and as you can see in the picture – the line is just crazy. You normally wait for about an hour to get to your turn. Crazy! When we went there in December, we went on 24th of December – Christmas Eve and probably that was the best decision ever, because we waited just 15 minutes in total. When we were there in April, well the line was crazy and we just didn’t have the time and will to wait. All in all it is a really good kebap! Don’t know what it is, the grilled warm veggies, the meat, cheese or some lemon sprinkled on top – it was just perfect. But honestly if you are waiting in line for 1 hour to get your lunch then everything tastes amazing – maybe that is their tactic. Joke aside, if you get a change, just stroll by to see how long you have to wait! The prices are low, ranging from 2.9€ to 3.4o€ for a portion.


Transit – Indonesian

Tapas are often connected with Spanish cuisine. What would you say if you would go for Indonesian kind of tapas? I’m saying – yes please! We were recommended this restaurant where you choose Indonesian dishes in a form of tapas. The atmosphere is really nice and the waiters really friendly. You get the menu and a blank paper where you write your choices of food / tapas. Price range is from 1 – 4€ per dish. We had probably 5 or 6 different tapas and they were delish! A must if you are near the place. I think that reservations aren’t needed but we were there in lunch time, probably for dinner it is good to make a reservation in advance.


Yam Yam Korean

We continued our Asian fusion of dishes with Korean restaurant. My friend recommended it and it had good reviews. It is a nice place, maybe a bit too bright for my taste, because everything is squeaky white but overall the atmosphere is not so bad. I ordered a nut milk tea and it heavenly! Haven’t had that anywhere else and I loved it. I ordered Bibimbap and I must say I really enjoyed it. Didn’t know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. The portion was huge and the taste was good. Oh and cash only! That is a really common thing in Berlin, so do have your cash ready if the restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards.

yam yam

Berlin Burger International 


Visiting Berlin in April was a quite good choice. The weather wasn’t so bad and we got some bikes so we cycled through the whole city. We had a loot of fast food! Yikes…Haven’t eaten so much burgers, kebaps, noodles and other things in ages. But hey, everything in moderation right? Well this burgers are definitely not in moderation. We went there on a Thursday night and it was packed! That is not so difficult because the place is really really small! We waited for around 15-20 minutes for our burgers, which is quite a lot if you are really hungry. My suggestion is go there when it is warm and sunny because you can sit outside and don’t go there extremely hungry because the wait will kill you. Overall we got our burgers, squeezed between these tables and ate them. They were good, can’t say they weren’t but the atmosphere just didn’t do it for me. I like to eat relaxed without looking over my shoulder if I will hit somebody with my elbow. The service was nice tough and the prices are around 7-8€ for a burger, which is an ok range in Berlin.

Dolores Burrito


Dolores! If you want a burrito, go here. It is located near the KaDeWe shopping mall and packed with people. But worth of the visit. You can mix and match your own burrito or choose from their menu. I had a burrito bowl, also a really good option, but maybe those tortilla chips were a bit too greasy. I know, we are in a fast food restaurant, but still they were shining from all the butter. The burritos looked huge and tasted really good!

Adonis Shawarma


Lebanese fast food and shawarma! Yummy. It’s similar to kebab but not exactly, if you know what I mean. I ordered a bit spicy and my mouth was burning when I finished this thing! Filling, yummy and all in all not really so unhealthy as you have thin bread, meat and a lot of veggies. A perfect fast meal when you are on the go.

Schiller Burger

We went in Schiller burger on a Sunday night. We were quite late, about 30 minutes before they closed the place (11:30pm) but still wanted some burger. Arrived there and the place looked really nice, the interior is a bit vintage and the feeling was good. We ordered some burgers – 4 exactly – but when getting our order, we got only 3! They forgot to make my burger and I was honestly really in a bad mood. I didn’t want to make another order because it was too late so I didn’t have one. Another downside is they were ‘out of’ fries and chicken or in other words, they already cleaned the machine and couldn’t make them. I was disappointed because I didn’t get my order and they didn’t even realise that they messed up the order. All in all I would’t go there anymore because honestly I am really sensitive when it comes to customer service because I also work in a coffee place and I know how important are customers wishes. My friends said the burgers were good tough. I probably just had bad luck.

Photo credit: Schiller FB website
Bakery goods on Easter
I love organic food options and stores on every corner in Berlin. Finally some vanilla oatly milk and Nakd bar!
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Did I say I fell in love with their cafe selection?
Club mate – a ‘hipster’ drink you have to try. You like it or you hate it. I liked it, but it has to be cold! Good alternative to coffee as it is high in caffeine.


Beside food heaven, Berlin is also a shopping heaven. You have every shop you think of, from vintage, modern, high fashion, everyday style. I really can’t suggest all the interesting sites to shop as I probably went to the most known ones but nevertheless here are some suggestions.

Oderberger strasse

It’s a colourful street close to Mauer park where you have tons of small vintage stores, second hands stores and cute bars and restaurant. If you are close, just stroll by and see what these small shops have in store for you.


Mauer park Flea market

Every Sunday there is a huge flea market in Mauer park. They sell everything from food, to furniture and clothes. The prices are really affordable and it’s a must if you are nearby on Sunday. DSCN6211

Bikini Berlin Shopping mall

Located in Charlottenburg, where all the main shops are, there is a new Bikini Berlin mall that is worth of visit. The shops inside are a ‘pop-up’ shop style, which means some of them change in a course of time. Most of them are local designer shops, which are expensive but the design of the mall is amazing. If you go on the roof you can even see a part of Berlin Zoo.



KaDeWe is a a huge (high fashion) shopping mall where on the top floor they also have a food aisle with fine selected products. You have Louis Vuitton and Balenziaga stores that were not in my budget but the mall is splendid. If you get a change take their elevator and stroll through the mall.


Alexa and TK Maxx

Commercial shopping centres in Mitte (centre of Berlin) near Alexander platz where you find everything you need. Worth a visit if you have a bit more free time as they are huge and will take a few hours of your free time.

DSCN6206 DSCN6205

That concludes my Part I of reviews, Part II, coming soon.



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