Travel recaps

Berlin – Foodie Paradise: Part I

I decided to make a different post today. Still food related but includes my recent visits to Berlin. Yes visits as I was there 2 times in last 4 months. In December and now in April for Easter. The positive part of long distance relationship is definitely visiting new cities. Berlin is a perfect city for… Continue reading Berlin – Foodie Paradise: Part I


Strawberry Chocolate Crêpes

Hello there! I’ve been away for a while now, I somehow just didn’t have the time even to cook something new, try new recipes and enjoy the time in my kitchen. I was also in Berlin for Easter holidays (going to post some reviews and travel recaps soon) so time just flew buy! Today I… Continue reading Strawberry Chocolate Crêpes

Lunch and Dinner

Meal Prepping – why it makes your life easier?

I cook my own lunches to work and bring my snacks so I am ‘prepared’ when I get hungry. To me there is nothing worse than being hungry. At the beginning I cooked my meals one day ahead. That meant I was cooking basically every evening for my next day. Not a good idea! After… Continue reading Meal Prepping – why it makes your life easier?