Back to basics – Healthy options 101

I became a bit more aware of all the healthier food options the first time when I had the possibility to live on my own. First in Spain but ok with all that tapas and amazing food that didn’t really go so well. Last year I spent 4 months in France and even tough there… Continue reading Back to basics – Healthy options 101


5 Days, 5 Different Smoothies

I think that breakfasts are the best part of my day. Seriously, I wake up hungry and I know I am going to have amazing food. Hah! Ok, but still, I don’t fully understand those who can’t make time for breakfast. 90% of the time I have my oatmeal and I am satisfied. If I… Continue reading 5 Days, 5 Different Smoothies

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Homemade Granola

If you still don’t know I love oats. Don’t know why but it is so simple to make them really good, they are healthy and I can eat them every day. Once in a while I try to shake up my breakfasts just for the sake of change. Change is good right? But I don’t want… Continue reading Homemade Granola

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Avocado – a good kind of fat

Oh these pictures are so true! First of all to ‘catch’ the perfect ripeness of an avocado is quite a task, second of all avocado is a great source of healthy fats that we should incorporate in our daily food.


Spelt and Cottage Cheese Buns

First of all yes I didn’t make a mistake with the title – the recipe is about spelt and cottage cheese buns. Second of all you’re going to love it.


Hello March, Hello Spring

Can’t really believe it’s already March. Everyone says it but the days are really just flying buy – well months are flying by. Working, library, gym, coffees with my friends, cooking and week goes by. I mean I don’t complain, my life is fine now – just have to write up that thesis tough so I… Continue reading Hello March, Hello Spring