Positive vibes where are you?


It’s been a long week, in a way successful week but a long one. When I decided to set up this blog it was genuinely for me and my thoughts – that includes sharing recipes of course but also maybe some things that are passing my mind.

I try to be a positive person most of my time, bubbling, smiling and happy because I know that smile is contagious. I try to be a person that listens to others, gives them advice if I can and just be there for everyone. I enjoy it because I know that everyone needs some sort of support sometime in their lifetime. Let it be just listening about their day at work or how they just got ‘sprinkled’ by a car and got soaking wet.

I decided that once in a while I’ll pour my thoughts here on my blog – the best therapy a person could have probably. It’s like talking to a friend.

Since, well probably last few months I have the same ‘problems’ that go through my mind and they are all connected with one thing – independence. Being independent from your parents, being independent in what you do, work and study. If you live where I live – a beautiful country Slovenia  – then you know that being independent for example from your parents is probably the hardest thing to do. Why you ask? Well if I am being honest it all comes down to money basically – therefore having a job. Pure capitalism. Having a steady job in our beautiful country at 25 years old is like winning a lottery seriously. I think every of my coffees that I have with my friends ends with the sentence – Well it will be better or it could be worse?! Sure it could be, but when? When it will be better? I know that in other countries there is also a problem with youth unemployment but I think that every year it gets worse? And I am a positive person!

For example I am finishing my Masters in International Relations – waw it sounds interesting and it really is a nice study where you get a lot of useful skills that probably everyone should have but the problem is I know for certain that I won’t get a job in my field, let’s say diplomacy, in Slovenia because the government doesn’t employ. I am not saying I would love and die for getting those jobs but isn’t it sad that the thing you studied, you really know, learnt and acquired you won’t use and give back to your country that in reality financed all of your studies? They don’t even give you a chance? We will probably go somewhere and spread our knowledge in some other state and companies. Or I will just have to be innovative, like all the young people here and get myself a job in a field I barely know and I’ll adapt, learn and work. Not a bad thing either of course, better to know more things than nothing. Nevertheless it’s sad…and they ask us why we want to move from our beautiful country?

With having no job or at least really difficult to find a decent job with a nice salary to survive you literally can’t move from your parents home?! Of course we all work as students (like a contract job) but for a monthly salary that covers nothing if I would like to live on my own. And they ask why young people have children so late and don’t want to have children. Why? Maybe because now I am not able to survive myself let alone some poor child that is not guilty for anything of this.

Rambling I know. But I had a rough week yet at the same time successful. I worked a bit, I went to the gym to relaxed, I hanged out with friends, ate some good food and I actually started with my Masters thesis, so yeah it’s true it could be worse. It always can be but on the other hand it could be better and in my opinion at least I, I always strive for the better times and things and not thinking that well I am ok now, I’ll just wait.

I say to myself, next day will be better, if not I’ll just go somewhere and make it better! You know you have to make your days amazing yourself and not waiting for others to do that for you.


If not…travel! Traveling always helps!




4 thoughts on “Positive vibes where are you?

  1. I know the feeling. I graduated as a midwife in 2014, but there are no jobs open. And now they aren’t replacing the ones that stop working as midwives because they want to run the departments with fewer midwives. I don’t even know if I want to become a midwife anymore. Times have changed and now the midwife doesn’t have that much to do anymore since everything is put in hands of the gynecologists. I honestly think times are difficult for young people who want to start working. But we have to keep faith and work hard!


    1. Yes….I try to be positive and tell my ‘negative committee’ in my head to shut up 😉 but yeah it’s difficult sometimes. Hope and positive vibes are crucial!! 🙂


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