Healthy, Simple, Clean – another foodie blog?

Why have a blog? A recipe blog? Well a mixture of everything? I was thinking about it for some time now and said why not? I love cooking – mostly healthy food – and sharing my creations with others. I’ve mostly done it through Instagram as half of the world does it and through my Blogilates fitfam that I love. Why not just post everything in one place, share the recipes and maybe inspire someone? Most of all the blog is for my soul and having fun with it.

Healthy, Simple, Clean? Three words that not everyone connects together when they hear someone talking about eating healthy. Your thoughts wonder off to the scenes of plain salads, chicken, rice and broccoli. Honestly, yes those are one of the options but most of the time the food is even better than the one in restaurants, more colourful and tasty and I love making it simple. Cooking at home and knowing what you’ve put in your meals is the most satisfying feeling of all of this (weird huh?) I don’t have the time to cook complicated meals every day, but I want them healthy and clean – simple!

For me I can say it’s a ‘lifestyle’ – eating healthy that is. I genuinely enjoy it! I adore creating new healthy sweets, muffins, dinners and figuring out what works and a lot of the times what does not work. Do I indulge on sweets and heavy ‘cheat meals’? Of course I do because balance is the key in life. But can I be honest and say that I love waking up the next morning and prepare myself a big bowl of oatmeal 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Healthy, Simple, Clean – another foodie blog?

  1. This is great! Can’t wait to read your posts and learn some new recipes 😀 Also about the breakfast, I am the same, I actually can’t wait for breakfast, it’s the best meal 😀 Wish you lots of fun with your blog!

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  2. 🙂 Happy that you like it. Up definitely going to try to just have fun and post some good recipes. Breakfast is the best part of the day, couldn’t agree more 😉 tnx


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